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Installing hard wood floors is a wonderful way to improve your living space. If you want to remodel and go for a high-fashion look, hire a professional hardwood flooring contractor for all your hardwood flooring needs. It is worth hiring a professional hardwood flooring contractor as you will reap the benefits of a having a professional job done. You don’t want to have problems with your hardwood flooring a few months later.
It’s hard to imagine a house being cozy without the warmth of wood flooring!


Most hardwood floors are made of oak, but despite the durable nature of this wood, it only looks as good as the surface finish. Water stains, scratches, dullness and whole areas worn bare by household traffic are signs that it’s time to refinish the floor. In the past that meant sanding down to bare wood—a dust-producing, time-consuming process that’s risky if you don’t have experience or expensive if you hire a pro.

Refinishing hardwood floors is very easy you just have to have the correct tools and the best company for you to do this, in the case of wanting to make your hardwood floors to look as new as the first time you bought them, just call or contact us. K.F. Flooring  is your best option to refinishing hardwood floors is about

Some wood floors require this level of work, but many others can be revitalized by screening, a process that takes off the top layer of polyurethane but doesn’t remove any wood. This relatively inexpensive technique gives you the option of doing the work yourself with little risk and saves you the cleanup and hassle associated with floor sanding.


Years after a hardwood floor is completely sanded and finished a maintenance coat is needed to sustain the floors performance and cosmetic appeal. This re-coating procedure, commonly called a ‘topcoat’, will return a hardwood floor to it’s newly refinished condition – provided it was performed within the ample period of time necessary. A quick ‘screening’ of the original polyurethane coat, with a silicon carbide sanding screen on an upright floor polishing machine [animated right], will remove any light scratches and surface dirt. This slight burnishing of the floor permits a new coating to properly adhere to the existing one. The screening process does not remove much of the existing coatings, nor does it expose the bare wood as in the full sanding procedure. It is the same as that which is performed on the last day of the original sanding and refinishing process listed above. Please note that If your hardwood floor has ever been waxed, with either liquid or paste wax, this topcoat procedure generally CAN NOT be performed. Polyurethane does not adhere to wax.